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Film Synopsis The Dead Guy
"Sometimes the best person to teach you how to live is a Dead Guy."

Dave Kensington had everything to live for - a dream job, the best of friends, money, and that one most perfect love - Gabrielle. The story takes us to the ledge outside of Dave's fifth story apartment where, in tears, he prepares to jump. The very day of their wedding, Gabrielle had died tragically, taking with her his will to live. The scene is tender, yet comedic.

Five floors below, tortured Lloyd Hartman sits in a restaurant with his overbearing fiancée, Carrie. Her father owns a mortuary where Lloyd is expected to work his way up the ladder. "I'm not so sure I like the funeral business, sweet pea," he tells her. She slaps his hand. "Quit poking at your food! Honestly, Lloyd, do you have any ambition at all?"

Back on the ledge, Dave kisses Gabrielle's picture and gently sets it down. Through his tears, he still sees her delicate image. "I love you," he whispers, as he begins to make his move. "I love you, too," she whispers back. Dave gasps as he realizes Gabrielle is floating before him. "Don't do it, Dave," she warns. Through his amazement, Gabrielle assures Dave that there is life after life and that if he lives his life well, they will be together again. But most importantly, she tells Dave he must not die until he takes care of the important unfinished business of his life.

We cut back to the restaurant where Carrie flays Lloyd over his lack of enthusiasm over the minute details of their upcoming wedding. Again we cut back to Dave and the apparition of Gabrielle. "I will live a good life! I will," Dave pledges. "And I won't rest till I finish whatever that unfinished business is, too." "Oh, I love you, Gabrielle," he says, as he reaches to wrap his arms around her. They both have a momentary glance of "OOPS!" as he falls through her.

Back in the restaurant, Carrie pings her fork on her glass. "I honestly think the only thing that makes me happy anymore is the new car Daddy bought me." Wham! Through the large window Carrie, wide-eyed, sees Dave's careening body smash her car. Seizing a business opportunity, Carrie sets Lloyd to driving Dave's body across country for his funeral. All is fine until, shockingly, Dave reanimates - a walking dead guy. His unfinished business must have brought him back, Dave concludes, so the boys continue their journey with a new purpose.

What follows is a comedic adventure in the best tradition of every great "buddy" film, while the touching romance of Dave and Gabrielle threads through the film in a love story reminiscent of "Ghost." With Dave's already-dead invulnerability, the two heroically foil a bank robbery, are chased by a gang of bikers, save some lives, and spend a night in a karaoke-loving polygamist camp in Utah where Lloyd meets Sarah, that one perfect love. Lloyd feels compelled to be true to his self absorbed fiancée, Carrie, but Dave realizes he can't let Lloyd miss his chance for happiness with Sarah. Is this finally Dave's unfinished business? After a great amount of laugh-out-loud comedy and classic romance, we see that love is the real choice that counts. Lloyd and Sarah have made theirs, and somewhere we know that Dave and his Gabrielle will be together, too. Dave and Lloyd have a great final scene where they dig Dave's grave and say their touching good-byes. What started as two opposites turns into a friendship where each helps the other find what they need out of life - or death.

As the credits roll, the audience is treated to a very witty and surprising revelation that Dave didn't stay buried. There he is, on some outrageous supermarket tabloid cover shots, wrestling with the WWF. That important unfinished business of his life obviously remains unfinished!